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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What to Wear... The Hardest Part ;)

In this profession it is pretty standard that photographers wear black (or dark colors) to any event that we are photographing... Lucky for me my decision on what to wear is always super easy! However, I know what it is like to be on the other side of the camera and having to decide on what to wear... I think it is the hardest part of a photo session! So it is only natural that I get asked by my clients, "What should we/he/she/I wear for the photo session???" Here are some solutions that are hopefully helpful :)

Lets start with 3 Basic Tips that apply to everyone...

1.) It is A-Ok to have more than one outfit... actually, the more outfits you have the more photo options  you have to pick between :) Try and stick to 3 outfits and make sure that they vary enough for there to be an obvious difference... Don't get 3 red shirts that just fit different ;)

2.) Props! I love props! If you have something special you should bring it to the photo session! It is always nice to share a little something special and I think props tell a great story throughout the photos...

3.) Remember... You are hopefully going to love and cherish these photos and look at them for years to come!... So do not get carried away with the trendiest trends of the moment, I can guarantee you will look back at the photos in a few years and think "Why the heck did I wear that?!?!?" (I for sure have photos like that and I think to myself... why did no one tell me?! ;) )

So here we go...

For the Engaged Couple ~
You don't have to match :) You can color coordinate, but matching is not essential! Try to include some pattern... but nothing too heavy for The Bride to Be and her Fiance, too much pattern can be distracting and take away from the beautiful subjects! Feel free to accessorize... it can add great texture to any photo! You want to feel amazing in these photos so if that means a quick Mani/Pedi or a professional Blow Dry, go for it! Do what you need to do to make yourself feel great!

For The Engaged Bride to Be...

...and For Her Fiance...

(Some of these looks can also be applied to Mom and Dad for family photo sessions... Just a few ideas ;) )

...Now for the Kiddos! :)

For the Newborn/Baby Photo Session ~
These photos should show off your darling baby, that is why you are having these photos taken :) So I suggest keeping the colors simple, try and stick with a softer color palette. Have a few blankets ready that they can lay on, or snuggle in... This is a great place to include that very special hand knit blanket from Grandma ;) There is also something very sweet about your baby just lounging in their diaper... And I know I probably don't have to say it, but it is great to have a few extra outfits on hand because you never know when a "blow-out" might happen! (TMI... I know...)

For The Babies...

For the Kiddos! ~
It is always great to have color included in kiddo photos! After all, kiddos are fun and colorful little people ;) I know kids can get easily distracted so this is where I highly recommend coming with some props, or any item you don't mind being photographed...

For The Girls...

...For The Boys

I hope this helps make your planning a little easier! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if this is at all helpful... Or if you have any suggestions :) Would love to hear from you!

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