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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holiday Cards are Here!!!... |Bay Area Photographer

Ok... if you can believe it or not it is already that time of year again, Holiday time! Family sessions are already being booked so email me quickly to get your preferred date and time!

I also wanted to let everyone know about the "Holiday Family Session Package":
$375 + tax per session
Location of your choice (your home, park, or favorite location around the bay area! Within reason of course ;) )
...and the best part! It will include 25 free Holiday Cards!

Great deal! Right?!

Here's how it will work:
After viewing your online gallery... you let me know your favorite family photo/child portrait from the session. From there I will create 3 different proofs which I will email you. Once you have your favorite proof selected, let me know and poof!... they will be sent off for print and delivery!

Some Thing to Note... AKA "The Fine Print":

~This Holiday Family Session Package will be offered from October 29th thru November 27th (this ensures delivery time for the holidays) You can of course book sessions after November 27th, but the holidays cards will not be offered seeing as I cannot guarantee print and delivery in time for the holidays :)

~Each of these cards are 5x7 lay flat cards with room for your Holiday note on the back!... Or if you are like me, I tend to leave it blank (bad, I know! I just always find that I am totally out of time!)

~There are many card options to choose from, I have just shown a few here... I will bring samples to the photo session... I always need to see a sample product, the computer graphic of the card can only get you so far ;) 

~Keep in mind the order time for these cards will be 5 days from the time you approve your proof!

~If 25 cards is not enough, you will of course have the option to purchase more cards... they must be ordered in packs of 25... Just something to keep in mind ;) Additional sets of 25 cards are $60 +tax.

Please email me with questions!

Now... For the Holiday Card Part :) Here are some fun examples of what you can choose from!

(Note that these are two different vertical options... not one single card option :) )

One more thing to note!... You still have the option to purchase the entire CD of images from your photo session! As well as professional prints through your online gallery! The holiday cards are just a bonus for you :)

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